Executive & Leadership Coaching – 6 Sessions/mo


Personalized 1:1 coaching designed to support existing and high potential leaders, from shorter engagements, where a quick outside perspective would assist, to longer-term high-trust engagements including visioning, communication, goal setting, and leadership development.

Weekly Coaching Sessions (6/mo, 1:1, 60-90 minutes)

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Monthly Payments
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions + 2 Supplemental Sessions (up to 6/mo, 1:1, 60-90 minutes)
  • Personalized Plan
  • Visioning, Effectiveness, Style Assessments, Communication, Stakeholders, Delegation, New in Role

1:1 coaching sessions are held in-person, or by Skype or Zoom. We support clients in Massachusetts and across the U.S.

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Weekly Coaching Sessions (6/mo, 1:1, 60-90 minutes)

All engagements start with establishing a mutually agreed engagement plan and could include: understanding leadership styles, improving effectiveness, overcoming blocks, strengthening communication, listening skills, and improving effectiveness to developing visions and implementing plans. Optional stakeholder and team member input and dynamics.

Coaching levels range from leaders with P&L and institutional responsibility (C-Suite, Executive Directors, Partners, Founders, etc.), to high potential functional and group leaders who are either new in role or seeking to gain responsibility over time.

Coaching areas could include:

  • Understanding and Augmenting Leadership Styles
  • Organizational and Interpersonal Communication
  • Understanding, Developing and Promoting Organizational Culture
  • Establishing and Communicating Organizational Mission & Vision
  • Overcoming Personal Blocks
  • Goal Setting (quarterly, monthly, weekly)
  • Supervisory Techniques to Build and Sustain Effective Teams
  • Effective Motivational Approaches for Reports
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Strategic Planning & Prioritization
  • Organizational Design
  • Financial Planning
  • Roles & Responsibilities Mapping
  • Building and Managing Strategic Partnerships & Alliances
  • Techniques for Effective Team Leadership
  • Decision Support
  • Brainstorming To Overcome Roadblocks
  • Building A Culture of Innovation

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