Video and Remote Assessments


Looking for outside perspective? Trying to map out the best path forward? Our video and remote assessments take the pulse of organizational dynamics and provide expert perspective on organizational blocks, revealing untapped potential and opportunities for positive change.

Regardless of organizational size, industry or complexity, we’re experts at deep listening to formulate paths forward that best engage, develop and motivate people to achieve organizational goals that are fundamental to long-term success.

Assessments Include:

  • Organizational & Team Assessment
  • Full Video support for remote or geographically distributed participants
  • 1:1 meetings with stakeholders, leaders, team members and internal experts to take the pulse of organizational blocks and challenges
  • Expert recommendation on options & positive paths forward
  • Quick-hits/short-term options for addressing key issues to break-through roadblocks and improve performance

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Video and Remote Organizational Assessments

Our organization assessments are designed to evaluate complicated, and often-times urgent, team, leadership, and/or institutional issues.

We do this through a combination of 1:1 listening sessions, 360 assessments, and interactions with stakeholders – which all lead to tangible recommendations and positive paths forward.

We conduct sessions by remote video for geographically distributed participants.

Prior to meeting, first engage stakeholders to frame broader institutional goals, the current business context, and other challenges motivating the need for change.

We take the time that’s needed to listen, interpret, and reflect on subtle, and often challenging, interpersonal and organizational issues.

We then re-frame issues in the context of common goals and recommend positive paths forward that can be contrasted and gauged for impact.


  • Meet and greets for key team members, leaders and stakeholders
  • Assessment of team member goals and vocational aspirations for themselves, their department and/or company or non-profit
  • Review of the current understanding of roles, responsibilities and stakeholder needs
  • Review individual understandings of business or organizational vision and how to best support it.
  • Initial assessment of strengths, motivations and leadership skills, with respect to carrying out roles and responsibilities and the larger organizational vision.
  • Identification of organizational, leader, or team member blocks
  • Listening for any key organizational, team, or other roadblocks that might be interfering with achieving personal, department or organizational vision.


  • Feedback session for key Stakeholders and Assessment Sponsors
  • Team coaching recommendations for members and/or the team
    • What needs to be done to assure the realization of a high-performing team?
    • What roles and responsibilities need clarification?
    • What are the areas of common ground upon which organizational alignment, functional and team alignment/progress can be based?
  • Organizational & department recommendations on how to achieve vision, goals and improved operations for teams and leaders
  • Individual leadership development recommendations for leaders & team members
  • Identification of quick-wins i.e. a list of short-term action items that could lift performance, alignment, and effectiveness

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